Pittsburgh Steelers

October 21st, 2010

Newer, Kinder NFL?

Last week was an especially brutal one for the NFL. A number of players who delivered illegal hits received hefty fines, and the league said further infractions may be met with suspensions. Players like Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison and New England Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather were not pleased with the news, but Bill Littlefield thinks the NFL may finally be on its way to making its players safer.

September 25th, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

This week on Only A Game, will Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid’s decision to start Michael Vick at quarterback pay off? Plus, we figure out how Buck Showalter turned around the last-place Baltimore Orioles, and Jon Wertheim discusses changing attitudes to mental illness in sports.

September 24th, 2010

The Ones Who Hit the Hardest

In the 1970’s the NFL’s most dominant franchises were the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys. “The Ones Who Hit the Hardest” documents the teams’ heated rivlary and contrasts the Steelers’ success with the decline of Pennsylvania’s steel industry. Doug Tribou shares his thoughts on the book.

January 24th, 2009

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

This week on Only A Game, the sound of Arizona pinching itself as the Cardinals prepare for Super Bowl XLIII. Also, Trinity College squash tries to extend its title run to an astonishing eleven straight, and Sports Illustrated’s L. Jon Wertheim on the rise of Mixed Martial Arts.

January 9th, 2009

NFL Playoff Concerns

The NFL’s second round of playoff games will transpire on Saturday and Sunday. Commentator Bill Littlefield acknowledges that his attention will be on one particular player…and how hard he gets hit.

July 12th, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can seventeen million Frenchmen be wrong? About playing petanque, I mean? This week on Only A Game, we’ll find out. Also, ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian will tell us what’s up with the Tampa Bay Rays, which is pretty much everything, and who’s the best of the worst in the National League West.

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