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September 8th, 2012

Football’s John Gagliardi: Winning With Limited Contact

After 64 seasons as the head football coach at St. John’s University in Minn., John Gagliardi is sticking with his philosophy of limited contact in practice. Reporter Conrad Wilson explores Gagliardi’s unusual coaching method, which has translated into decades of success.

In Depth
June 23rd, 2012

Concussion Crisis Hits Female Athletes

The unprecedented surge of soccer-playing girls has revealed an unexpected statistic: In sports where boys and girls play by the same rules, like basketball and soccer, girls are more likely than boys to become concussed. What do the numbers mean? For that, we turn to Only a Game’s Karen Given.

May 12th, 2012

Former NFL MVP Warner’s Concussion Concerns

After being criticized by other NFL players for saying he’d be “scared” about his children playing football, Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner says there are changes the NFL can and should make to reduce head injuries. He spoke to Bill Littlefield.

May 12th, 2012

Suggestions For A Safer NFL

Clifton Brown of the Sporting News joins Bill Littlefield to discuss his proposals for improving player safety in the NFL.

May 12th, 2012

Researchers Compete For Athletes’ Brains

Fans may never know whether NFL veteran Junior Seau suffered from a disease caused by multiple concussions. But, as more scientists and research organizations join the search for answers, competition over brains to study is growing. Only A Game’s Karen Given has our story.

News Analysis
May 5th, 2012

Seau’s Dual Legacies

Fans, teammates, and opponents, lauded Junior Seau’s play on the football field. Southern California residents praised his good works off it. Bill Littlefield says the troubling end to Seau’s life will join those things as part of his legacy.

January 21st, 2012

The Cookie That Did Not Crumble

When retired police officer Chris Garbarino found former football star Cookie Gilchrist on Facebook, he never expected the two of them to become close enough to describe each other as family. This week, Bill Littlefield talks to Garbarino about his relationship with the late Gilchrist and the book that the two wrote together, The Cookie That Did Not Crumble.

December 24th, 2011

NFL Assigns Trainers To Watch For Concussions

This week the NFL announced plans to assign a trainer to each team to identify players who may have suffered concussions during games. Bill Littlefield looks at the details of the plan, which was unveiled after Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy returned to a game on Dec. 8 with a concussion that was not diagnosed.

December 21st, 2011

NFL Will Hire Trainers To Monitor Concussions During Games

The NFL has announced a plan to assign a trainer to each NFL team for the purpose of monitoring any possible concussions during games. The move comes after the Cleveland Browns failed to properly diagnose quarterback Colt McCoy’s concussion during a game against Pittsburgh earlier this month. Read the latest on the league’s plans.

December 3rd, 2011

NHL’s Sidney Crosby Returns To Form

Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby is back on the ice … and he’s hot. Crosby spent more than 10 months recovering from a concussion. Since returning to the Penguins’ lineup on November 21, he’s notched 11 points in six games. Bill talks with TSN hockey analyst Bob McKenzie about the comeback of “Sid the Kid.”

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