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In Depth
October 4th, 2014

MLB Playoffs: A Guide For Haters

For the second year, the New York Yankees failed to reach the playoffs. So who are MLB fans supposed to root against this October? Brian Costa of the Wall Street Journal has updated his “Hateability Index” of the least loveable teams in baseball.

Only A Blog
October 2nd, 2014
By Eric Larrabee

Eight Reasons To Rejoice During MLB’s Playoffs

Still despairing the departure of summer? Here’s something to cheer you up — postseason baseball! Only A Game has your MLB playoff primer.

In The News
September 27th, 2014

A Year of Disappointment For New York Baseball

Which of New York’s MLB teams had the more disappointing season? The New York Post’s Mike Vaccaro joins Bill Littlefield to discuss the Mets’ missteps — both on the field and on social media — and the Yankees’ lackluster sendoff for Derek Jeter.

In Depth
September 27th, 2014

Baseball’s Playoff Mythbuster: ‘It’s An Exciting Month And Also Sort Of A Sadistic One’

Do you need veteran players? Does it matter how well your team played in September? A couple aces are a plus, right? Grantland staff writer Ben Lindbergh joins Bill Littlefield to debunk baseball’s postseason myths.

In Depth
September 13th, 2014

1924: When Washington Ruled Baseball

It’s been 90 years since the Washington Senators won the World Series. Bill Littlefield speaks with Fred Frommer, who introduces us to the characters from the 1924 team from the 27-year-old, player-manager Bucky Harris to the lovable veteran ace, Walter Johnson.

September 6th, 2014
By Andrew Norton

The Mystery Of Babe Ruth’s First Home Run

Toronto may have been the site of Babe Ruth’s first home run as a professional. Or that distinction might belong to Fayetteville, N.C. The ball might be bronzed in a Toronto bar…unless its rotting under Lake Ontario. Reporter Andrew Norton investigates.

August 30th, 2014
By Greg Echlin

For Kansas City Royals’ G.M., Patience Pays Off

The Kansas City Royals haven’t been in the playoffs since they won the 1985 World Series. But that may change this year, thanks in large part to the efforts — and patience — of general manager Dayton Moore.

August 23rd, 2014
By Charlie Schroeder

7,985 Miles From Williamsport: Hong Kong Plays Little League

Making it as a baseball player in Hong Kong isn’t easy. The fields are unkempt and the opportunities limited. But, as reporter Charlie Schroeder learns, there’s something to gain from learning America’s national pastime abroad.

In The News
August 23rd, 2014

Little League World Series Puts Kids In Bright Spotlight

Has the celebration and commercialization of Little League baseball gone too far? Melissa Isaacson of ESPN — which broadcasts the Little League World Series — joins Bill Littlefield to look at the spotlight being placed on young kids. .

August 20th, 2014

‘If They Don’t Win It’s A Shame:’ What’s Happened To Youth Baseball?

With the Little League World Series championship this Sunday, Bill Littlefield reflects on “America’s Pastime,” which each year seems to become less and less of a pastime for young ballplayers.

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