Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 12th, 2013

Weighing In On ‘League Of Denial’

After weeks of anticipation, the Frontline documentary “League of Denial” aired Tuesday. The movie–and its accompanying book–sharply criticize the NFL’s handling of the concussion crisis. But will anything change? Bill Littlefield weighs in.

October 12th, 2013

A New Addition To The MLB Press Corps: 12-Year-Old Haley Smilow

Haley Smilow is 12 years old, and she’s already interviewed more than 20 professional baseball players. She joins Bill Littlefield to share some of her favorite moments on the job.

October 12th, 2013

Amherst College Builds Pipeline To MLB Front Offices

MLB general managers Dan Duquette, Ben Cherington and Neal Huntington share more than an occupation. They also share an alma mater. Duquette, GM of the Baltimore Orioles, joins Bill Littlefield to explain how a small liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts has created a pipeline to MLB front offices.

October 12th, 2013

Woes Continue For Giants, Manning

Eli Manning has earned two Super Bowl rings. But this year he also has earned an record and a league-high 15 interceptions. The Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan Clegg joins BIll Littlefield to discuss Manning and the Giants’ abysmal start.

October 12th, 2013

Steve Rushin: ‘The 34-Ton Bat’

In “The 34-Ton Bat,” Steve Rushin tells the stories of a number of objects — and characters — from baseball’s past. The author joins Bill Littlefield to delve deeper into some of those stories.

October 12th, 2013

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss this weekend’s most mismatched NFL matchup, the NBA’s first game in the Philippines, and the ancient sport of cricket fighting.

October 12th, 2013

Kentucky Says No To Mandatory Handshakes

High school athletes in Kentucky are no longer required to shake hands after games. Is sportsmanship dead, or does Kentucky have good reason to make the change? Bob Cook, who writes about youth sports for Forbes, joins Bill Littlefield to help answer that question.

October 12th, 2013

Milwaukee Bucks’ Former Floor Blends Art And Basketball

The Milwaukee Bucks once played on a court designed by folk artist Robert Indiana, who also created the iconic “LOVE” stamp. Now, the original floor has been rescued and turned into a art display, and it’s the inspiration for the new court the Bucks recently unveiled. Only A Game’s Mitch Teich reports.

October 12th, 2013

Music On Only A Game

Only A Game’s Gary Waleik documents the sports hits of the week.

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