Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8th, 2012

After Jovan Belcher Shootings, How NFL Can Support Its Players

Troy Vincent, who played in the NFL from 1992 until 2006, is now the league’s vice president of player engagement. He spoke with Bill Littlefield about the Jovan Belcher case and what the league is doing to help other players before tragedies happen.

December 8th, 2012

BC’s York Values Team Success Over Hockey Career Victories Record

When Boston College men’s hockey coach Jerry York tied the all-time record for career victories, he wasn’t thinking about the mark. He was thinking about the rest of the season. As Only A Game’s Doug Tribou reports, four decades into his career, York keeps getting better.

December 8th, 2012

Youngest To 30,000, But Kobe Bryant Not History’s Best Laker

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant has become the fifth NBA player to score 30,000 career points. How’d he do it a year faster than Wilt Chamberlain? Henry Abbott of ESPN’s TrueHoop joins Bill Littlefield to explain.

December 8th, 2012

Northern Illinois Says It Belongs In The Orange Bowl

Critics of the Bowl Championship Series say Northern Illinois doesn’t deserve to play Florida State in the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day. But after a 12-1 season, the Huskies says they’ve earned it. Bill Littlefield explores the debate with Jeff Arnold of the Northwest Herald in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

December 8th, 2012

New Jersey Football Keeps Players Out Of Gangs

The North Jersey Spartans play the same game as any other collegiate football team, but they don’t all attend the same college. OAG’s Dave Grunebaum reports on coach Kevin Moss and his unlikely band of players, all of whom are trying to stay out of gangs and in school.

December 8th, 2012

‘National Forgotten League’: Pro Football’s Little-Known Early Days

People today sometimes refer to it as the “No Fun League,” but there was a time when the NFL was best described as the “National Forgotten League.” Bill Littlefield speaks with Washington Times sports columnist Dan Daly about his new book on Pro Football’s first 50 years.

December 8th, 2012

Charlie Pierce And The Week In Sports

OAG analyst Charlie Pierce talks with Bill about Peyton Manning, a proposal to eliminate NFL kickoffs because of safety concerns, the NFL legacies of recent Heisman Trophy candidates, the NBA’s approach to evolution, and why the NHL is “disappointing beyond belief.”

December 8th, 2012

Listeners Weigh In

Bill opens the OAG mailbag, which is fully electronic, to respond to listener comments.

December 8th, 2012

The 20th Annual Only A Game Holiday Gift Guide

The 20th Annual OAG Holiday Gift Guide is here! Bill and producer Karen Given run through this year’s holiday gift selections for grilling dads, teething babies, and anyone with wrists.

December 8th, 2012

Music On Only A Game

Gary Waleik lists the hits. No misses, just hits.

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