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September 14th, 2013

‘The Great Tamasha’ Examines The Evolution of Cricket In India

Cricket holds a special place in India’s social and popular culture. James Astill, author of ‘The Great Tamasha,’ joins Bill Littlefield to detail the evolution of the sport in India.

Featured Books
September 7th, 2013

‘Fourth And Long’ Explores The Heart Of Football

College sports have become a stepping stone to a professional career. Author John U. Bacon joins Bill Littlefield to explain what there is to lose with the increased commercialization and professionalization of NCAA football.

Featured Book
August 24th, 2013

‘Rising Tide’ Explores Namath’s Ups And Downs At Alabama

In ‘Rising Tide’ Randy Roberts and Ed Krzemienski detail Joe Namath’s lows and highs – from a suspension to a stunning Orange Bowl victory – while playing for Paul “Bear” Bryant at Alabama. The authors join Karen Given.

Featured Book
August 17th, 2013

‘The Sports Gene’ Explores The Science Of Success

In his new book ‘The Sports Gene,’ David Epstein investigates the role genetics plays in forming elite athletes. His research took him all over the world and he shares some of his discoveries with Doug Tribou.

Featured Book
August 10th, 2013

Conflict And Change In The ‘Southern League’

Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. But, integrated baseball didn’t come to Birmingham, Alabama for another 17 seasons. Author Larry Colton joins Bill Littlefield to chat about those events and his new book, “Southern League.”

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August 3rd, 2013

RG3 And The Pinky Promise That Launched A Career

Robert Griffin III has played just one season for the Washington Redskins but that didn’t stop Dave Sheinin from penning a book about the NFL’s rising star.

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July 27th, 2013

‘Class A Baseball In The Middle Of Everywhere’

In his new book ‘Class A Baseball In The Middle Of Everywhere,’ Lucas Mann tells story of the Class A LumberKings and their fans in Clinton, Iowa. The author joins Bill Littlefield.

Featured Book
July 20th, 2013

Sportswriter Red Smith Remembered In ‘American Pastimes’

Sportswriter Red Smith spent nearly 50 years writing newspaper sports columns. And he was one of the best at it. Bill talks with Dan Okrent, who edited a new anthology of the legend’s work.

Featured Book
July 6th, 2013

‘The Ghost Horse’ Tells A Mysterious Tale

Journeyman horse trainer Tim Snyder’s wife told him on her deathbed that she would come back as a horse. Seven years later, Snyder began training a horse that would go on to win a race at Saratoga. Bill Littlefield speaks with Joe Layden, the author of “The Ghost Horse.”

Featured Book
June 29th, 2013

‘Soccer In The Weeds’ Details A Love Of The Game

Daniel Lilie fell in love with soccer despite the less-than-ideal soccer scene in the 1970s in Connecticut where he grew up. In ‘Soccer In The Weeds,’ Lilie writes about his experiences with the game. He joins Bill to about the book.