Peyton's getting old, perhaps a career in poems, will be his future. (Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Peyton’s getting old / perhaps a career in poems / will be his future. (Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Each winter since just after the dinosaurs stopped treading the earth, or trodding it, whatever it was they did, there has been the Super Bowl.

For the past 20 of those winters, to the dismay of poetry snobs, there has been Only A Game’s Super Bowl Haiku.

And there still is, and in a sense, Super Bowl Haiku is growing. Now, don’t worry. This year’s edition is no longer than previous editions…but it features the work of more poets than ever.

First Team:

Snow on Mount Fuji
Perfection of nature’s way
On field–not so much
–Tony O’Keeffe


Noisy Seahawks fans
May raise the roof, a ruckus,
Or Jimmy Hoffa.
–Bill Littlefield


Through The Years
Can’t get enough Super Bowl Haiku? Listen to our poetic compilations from previous years.
Chris Christie points, shouts:
“Look, folks! Jersey! Super Bowl!
No bridge to see here.”
–Bill Littlefield


Goodell and Putin
Big shots both, can only hope
For no snow…and snow.
–Bill Littlefield


Miami, Dallas,
New Orleans, Tampa, all hope
Outdoors doesn’t work.
–Bill Littlefield


Washington sells pot.
And so does Colorado.
Smokin’ Superbowl!


Odds? Okay, here’s odds:
How about 4-1 that
Tebow’s in an ad?
— Bill Littlefield


Sad Patriot’s fan
Seeks same February two
For crying in beer
–Nancy Marks


I-I-I, Matey
The Sea will swallow them up
Whomever they are!
–Scott Suma


It’s the Super Bowl?
I do not get reception
From under my rock.
–Stacy Casson


Wilson leads Seahawks.
It says “Wilson” on the ball.
Wait. Does that seem right?
–Bill Littlefield


“So, Peyton Manning,
You want one more Super Bowl?
Done,” cackles Old Scratch.
–Bill Littlefield


“Eight,” says Wilson. “Six.”
“Twenty one,” he says, and “five!”
Kaepernick says “Fore!”
–Bill Littlefield


Seattle winless
No titles, no rings, respect
Elusive as rain
–Rob Emslie


Fans loving long pass,
Caught in long fingers… cringing
At what happens next.
–Bill Littlefield


Bow your heads in prayer.
Please dear Lord, we beseech thee.
No more Super Bowl.
–Frizbane Manley


Half-chewed wings. Beer drips.
Smears of seven-layer dip.
The La-Z-Boy squirms.
— CW Hannenberg


Shrimp tails. Cocktail sauce.
Half-chewed wings with blue cheese dip.
Area rugs wince.
— CW Hannenberg


Super Bowl Haiku?
Sounds like a dumb idea.
I’ll never do it.
–Koryn Dimock


Honorable Mention:

We had so many haiku submissions this year, we couldn’t come close to including them all. Here’s a few that just missed the final cut.

New York Super Bowl?
Not in this lifetime, buddy.
It’s in New Jersey.
–Jersey Jim


It is the big day
A tremendous spectacle
Let it be over
–Susan Mariott


Listener Submitted Haiku
Submissions kept coming in long after our segment was finalized. Visit the submissions page to read them all.
Snowy Meadowlands.
A commissioner’s nightmare?
Nah; sell some more gloves.
–Adam Smartschan


Mannings ride in high,
At noon, songbirds tweet, wait scream,
Then scavengers feast.
–Zamir Nestelbaum


Seattle? Denver?
Where are the New York Teams now?
Hoffa rolls over.
–Michele DiPalo-Williams


our cold quiet field
has heard no Omahas yet
but it will, I hope
–Paul Strickland


Superbowl advice
Plan to leave early for game
Traffic may be bad.
–Scott Suma


Are you kidding me?
A Super Bowl in Jersey?
Forget about it!
–David W. Frank


Manning will freeze up
People of Indy know this
We’ve seen it before
–Lot Turner


N Y C wheedles
N F L capitulates
Super Bowl’s frigid


A tip for the game:
Winning is not everything.
Lombardi was wrong.
–Scott Suma


Ocean or mountain
Flowing, not inflexible
Water erodes stone
–Deb Robarge


Sherman big mouth smack
Deep inferiority
Compensates big time
–Rob Emslie


Superbowl. Winter.
Landry and Vince would be proud
Ice Bowl two point oh
–Kelvin Brooks


The temperature drops.
Scalpers will take a beating.
–Kelvin Brooks


February? Whew!
We’ve got no time for football.
Give us more curling!
–Frizbane Manley


You want some trash talk?
None better than Broadway Joe.
“I guarantee it!”


Just one thing matters
And it’s not the final score
Post game with Sherman


Seattle Seahawks
versus the Denver Broncos.
Heh, heh. Hash marks, dude.